Renovate or Relocate: Which suites you better

If you have lived in a place for a while, the chances are that at some point, you would find yourself contemplating whether to relocate or renovate.

Needs change as families evolve. As you welcome more kids, acquire more properties or witness an increase in your income, your initially comfortable home may start to feel small. Factor in the reduced space, and your need to get a new home intensifies.

On the other hand, if you are older, there’s the chance of having so much unused rooms after your kids have all grown and moved out. The accompanying feeling of emptiness can be dissatisfying and make you contemplate moving to a new home that matches your present situation.

In this piece, we shine a light on the pros and cons of relocating and remodelling to help you decide which option suits you better.


The idea of relocating always seem appealing; however, selling and repurchasing a new home is no mean feat, and so you need to go in with a clear mind.

Pros Of Relocating

  • Relocating offers you a fresh start; change environments, get new neighbours, make new friends, create exciting relationships, and expand your network.
  • Relocating opens you up to new adventures. Once you’re settled in, you can explore the niceties in your new environment. You may end up discovering a new hobby or interest.
  • Relocating offers you a chance to break out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, a new challenge might be what you need to keep your life thrilling.

Cons Of Relocating

  • Before buying a new home, you need to sell your present home. You might save costs from hiring an agent to quicken the selling process if you hopped on the seemingly safer option of remodelling.
  • There’s also the challenge of logistics. Moving to a new place is a fantastic idea, but you have to deal with sorting through, organizing and boxing up possessions you’ve acquired over the years, and this could be demanding.


You might wonder, instead of moving, why don’t I reconfigure my home to rank among the best houses in Kenya? Well, it’s not a bad call either. Let’ evaluate the benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits Of Renovating

  • It is generally cheaper to remodel since you are only making minor adjustments to existing structures. Unless, of course, you are planning on an entire overhaul.
  • Remodelling offers you more stability since you’d still have the same neighbours and shop at the same malls or stores. If you value the comfort of your surroundings, remodelling might be better than moving.
  • The idea of changing the feel and look of your home is to get something that perfectly matches you. Remodelling offers you more leeway to customize your home – the kitchen, floor, bathroom, etc. – just how you want it.

Drawbacks Of Renovating

  • Renovating may be impractical, especially if you are doing it to downsize. Having an entire do-over may require massive funding without a guaranteed increase in value.

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  • Renovating is time-consuming. It may also be an inconvenience since you will have to move somewhere temporarily until the construction is completed. This can affect your routine and become incredibly stressful if you have a family.
  • Even if your remodelling concerns are minimal and do not require moving out, the attendant hassles can be overwhelming. For example, imagine having to live with the high-pitched whining sound of a saw daily.

The Bottom Line

If you are contemplating whether to reconfigure your home or move to a new one altogether, it is crucial to gather enough knowledge to help you evaluate both options carefully. If you decide to move to a new location, you should look through our exciting collection of luxurious and high-quality homes in Uganda.

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