How to make Real Estate Investment Work for You

real estate investment

Buying and owning real estate as an investment strategy can be both profitable and rewarding. Unlike stock, bond, and cryptocurrency investors, real estate investors can take advantage by paying a portion of the total cost of ownership upfront and paying off the rest plus interest over time. Mortgages generally require a 20% to 30% down […]

Some tips for first time home buyers

Start saving for down payment early. Get a down payment calculator to help you land on a goal amount. You can set up an automatic savings plan and use an app to track your progress. What is your budget? Before you start looking for your dream home, you need to know what’s actually within your […]


popular pitfalls to avaoid as a new home buyer

Buying a new home can be an exciting prospect, especially if it is your first home. However, buying a home is a delicate process, and if you are not properly prepared, you may make a poor purchasing decision. As you prepare to begin your home-buying journey, here are some common home buyer mistakes to avoid. […]

Renovate or Relocate: Which suites you better

If you have lived in a place for a while, the chances are that at some point, you would find yourself contemplating whether to relocate or renovate. Needs change as families evolve. As you welcome more kids, acquire more properties or witness an increase in your income, your initially comfortable home may start to feel […]

Uganda Housing Market Gradually Poised for Growth


While the most common misconception that people have in the housing market is that “all property doubles in value every 10 years”, the housing market in Uganda seems to be unique. The value of some properties will more than double every other 10 years, but others will most definitely not. The line between whether properties […]

Buying Real Estate Now or Later: Is there a Right Time?

The best time for buying real estate was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.  – anonymous There’s no perfect time or age for buying real estate. Before deciding to invest in a new home, it is smart to evaluate your present position in life and whether you are ready to make such […]

Real Estate Investment Goals every SMART Investor should have

Real Estate Investing

More often than not, many prospective investors give in to the ‘Shiny Penny syndrome’ meaning we put too much focus on the latest and greatest deal without weighing how the deal fits in to our long-term goals. I can’t stress how important goals are in Real estate investing anywhere more so here in Kampala. Goals […]

Common Property Investor Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Property Investor Mistakes

So you’re just getting started in property investment, you’re probably preparing to buy your first property! Don’t expect to become an expert overnight. Most prospective investors rush thinking they have everything figured out. Real Estate Investing is one of the trickiest of businesses out there and there are pitfalls and traps around every turn. In fact, […]

How to Truly Appreciate Real Estate

Times change, but financial truths last forever About six years ago, I wrote (“ Repeat After Me: Your House Is Not An Asset“) on an article from The New York Times on real estate entitled, “Real Estate’s Gold Rush Seems Gone For Good.” Some interesting statistics and predictions from the article included: It could take up to 20 […]

Advantages of Living in an Apartment

Buying a house is a very important decision in anyone’s life. There are so many considerations one needs to take into account before you arrive at the decision Security When moving into a new property it is important to feel secure. One big advantage of living in an apartment is the availability of several layers […]

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